Under the Tuscan sun incredible trip!

An amazing experience with opportunity to soak up Italian culture through the wine tastings, food and fun cooking classes. Professionally handled by an exceptional tour leader Massimo. Fantastic

Written By: Don A.
Location: Uxbridge - ON - CA
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Chianti Tuscany

Full Review

This trip was an incredible experience.  I was travelling with a friend and we were extremely happy with the hotel Palazzo Leopoldo from the Welcome goodies in our room to the skeleton key that opened our room.     The trip leader Massimo was phenomenal and I would definately go on another trip led by him.  We had some problems getting there with flight connections and arrived on Sunday at lunch but Massimo was wonderful in setting us at ease and right away we got off to a great start. 

Lots of great comradery with all the guests on our trip including the 9 Americans, 1 Aussie, and 6 Canadians.   All the days were full from the wine tastings, to the food to the sightseeing and immersion in Italian Culture.   Each wine tasting was different and I learned at each one something new.   The Sienna and Florence days were great - the Florence walking tour guide/gal was particularly well educated and very passionate which I really appreciated. 

We had a spectacular BBQ dinner and karaoke (Kristopher) on Thursday night which I have to say all participated.   An amazing night and good time.  Such fun.  Dancing and all.    In each day and situation Massimo was the ultimate professional, charming, attentive and always smiling and a great sense of humour.  He did a exellent job translating during the cooking classes.   

If I had to comment negatively on one thing it would be the last night dinner at the Ross Group Mill Hotel property.   The dinner was just okay and the service as incredibly slow.  Others in our group also agreed.   I would replace that with a better evening as it is the last impression that guests have. 

The trip truly was all and more that I wanted it to be and I was not disappointed.   Thank you to Massimo and our bus driver who were absolutely awesome.    

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