Cities Lost in Time - Fabulous!!!!

Totally exceeded my expectations!! And being an Alumni trip made it off the charts!!

Written By: Cindy P.
Location: North Richland Hills - TX - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Solo Traveler
Itinerary: Soriano - Cities Lost in Time

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The Cities Lost in Time trip was just fantastic!  I have been on a CDV trip based in Soriano before but this one was packed with so many new adventures.  From Monster Park to Marmore Waterfalls to the Estrucan village at Vulci, the variety of places we went really made the trip like no other!  I think my favorites though were the centuries old flour mill in Spello (seriously the mill was powered by water and the grain was beat into flour by sticks!!!  You felt like you had stepped back in time 200 years!) and the Etruscan caves we hiked to with Michael on the last day.  Of course visiting old friends like Roberto, Enrico and Serena at the wineries and olive mill was incredibly special.  Oh and I can't forget to mention one of my favorite recipes - the fava bean soup made with actual mallow flowers!!  I do not like beans of any kind and I LOVED this soup!  Everything just tastes better in Italy!  Now this was an alumni trip and being my second alumni trip I have to say, if you have a chance to go on an alumni trip, DO IT!!!  There is something about being on a trip with a dozen or so other people who have done CDV trips before!!  They just know how to have fun from the get go!!!  And this group was amazing!!  Non-stop singing, dancing & laughter, especially at night on the bus ride back to Soriano when the disco lights came on!!  But probably the best part of this vacation, and any CDV vacation, is the incredibly generous, gracious, loving people of CDV.  You just open your hearts and lives to all of us and we become not only friends, we become family.  I love all of you more than I can say.  CDV has not only changed the way I travel, it has changed my life.  Thank you Michael, Paola, Rocky, Daniele, Sophie, Carla, Katia, & Sergio for making this trip, once again, an experience of a lifetime!

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