Great Experience

An experience that cannot be duplicated unless you stayed with friends or family. It is their premise and it works so well.

Written By: John K
Location: Sarasota - FL - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Soriano - Cities Lost in Time

Full Review

Dates May 11 – 18, 2013. Where do I start? Food, Tours, People? All were a remarkable experience. Michael and Paola have put together an experience that cannot be duplicated unless you stayed with friends or family. It is their premise and it works so well. 

Food not gourmet cooking. It’s family style and delicious. Carla, Rita and the kitchen staff teach you the basics. From choosing fresh ingredients to preparation. You eat what you have prepared. The cooking classes and tours blend cooking, meeting new friends, food, laughing, wine, espresso, more wine, food, guided tours and did I mention wine and food. 

Michaels web site provides more details and facts than I could ever review. A must read before you go. Not just about CDV but travel in Italy and its culture.

Be prepared. This will be a very busy week. You can opt-out of a tour or activity during the week buy you really won’t want to. To much fun. The day starts about 9 AM and you return to your apartment about 10:30 or 11 PM. Tours take you to several towns for sightseeing shopping and lunch or dinner. There are festivals, not every week, there are lessons on making cheese, there is a still and grappa is the product. The cinnamon grappa was my favorite. 

By the end of the week you are pleasantly tired, have made many new friends, both guest and staff. Rocky, Sofie, Ian and Spartaco thank you all. Not to forget Sergio an excellent driver. Last but not least to Carla and Rita greetings from Giovanni aka John.

Our week with CDV was preceded by a few days in Rome and followed by a few days on the Amalfi Coast. If you are going to visit Italy I recommend adding days to your visit if possible. It makes the trip even more enjoyable. I am sure that most that attend have promised their neighbors a meal. One couple that would not be home when we do our meal agreed to be our test subjects. We did the faro salad and Tuscan roasted chicken and potatoes with prosciutto and cantaloupe for an appetizer. Italian red table wine. Gelatto and biscotti for desert. Finished with cream lemonchello.They have volunteered for any future test meals.

Sample Photo from this Itinerary