Soriano - A Great Experience

I can honestly say - if it is a CDV experience, it is going to the best experience ever.

Written By: BaRPGH
Location: Pittsburgh - PA - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Soriano - Cities Lost in Time

Full Review

When I read the reviews for CDV's Soriano trip on Trip Advisor and their website, it just seemed too good to be true. After returning from a week in Soriano, I can honestly say that the reviews were spot on. The entire CDV team is incredible and made one feel welcome from the moment they met us at the train station. I was drawn to CDV's Soriano experience because guests lived in the apartments in the village and because I wanted to learn more about the Umbria and Tuscany region of Italy. Although very little time was spent in these apartments, it was wonderful to walk through the town to get "home" each evening. The residents of the village were wonderful and seemed to enjoy having us visit. Words cannot describe how friendly and accommodating the CDV team was. Although they had said goodbye to another group Saturday morning and welcomed us on Saturday afternoon, they made us feel as if no one had come before us and no one would come after us. (Keep in mind that after saying goodbye to us, they would be welcoming another group that afternoon.)
Carla, Katia and Rita made the cooking classes so enjoyable, as if you were cooking with family and friends. During the classes, it was great to learn in such a casual manner about them and the other guests. We also learned so much from Sophie and Ian while riding in the van and visiting other small towns. Michael spent some time with us and, again, shared so much about Italy, the business, etc. He and the others were all so genuine in their interactions with us.
All of the meals - those that we cooked or ate in restaurants and the homes of Maria and Katia - were absolutely delicious. During our visits to the wineries, we also ate - good Italian food that represented the Umbria and Tuscany regions.
In addition to the CDV team being great, the 6 other guests who were with us during the week were absolutely wonderful. We really connected with each other by Sunday evening which also made the trip a memorable one.  
Believe what you read in the reviews for CDV - although I can only attest to the Soriano trip, I can honestly say - if it is a CDV experience, it is going to the best experience ever.

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