Photos - Wine & Cooking in the Heart of Chianti and Florence, Tuscany

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Up in the Tuscan mountains we tour a family farm. This is a great immersive experience and wonderful family atmosphere. Tours and tastings at various winers in Chianti create a true appreciation for these wonderful Tuscan wines All our cooking classes in Tuscany and Chianti are hands on, you will always make fresh pasta from scratch A great opportunity to take in and appreciate the beautiful city of Florence, the capital of the Tuscan region of Italy Learn how to make Tuscan specialty pastas like this pici with pesto in same setting as the movie Under the Tuscan Sun Good food, good wine and good friends are always cause for celebration! Learning how to make pasta from scratch is one of the best ways to soak of the beautiful and rich Italian culture Going to small family farms and places only locals know about are what make our trips truly immersive experiences An afternoon spritz is a small example of how deep we dive into everyday Italian culture The location and architecture of Pienza make it one of the most picturesque towns of Tuscany Our Chianti vacation makes day trips to places that once played an integral role in the region's history Take your glass of Brunello and enjoy the view of a vineyard in Montalcino. Truly a wonderful way to enjoy Tuscany There is nothing better than learning how make delicious Tuscan specialties and having fun doing it Our Tuscan vacation is so much more than food and wine, it's about making lasting friendships and memories Our cooking classes do an excellent job showcasing local specialties and these biscotti are no exception Our hands-on cooking classes in Chianti are all about highlighting dishes unique to Tuscany We take every opportunity we can to have fun as we galavant through the Tuscan hills Our Chianti vacation provides many opportunities to meet and interact with the locals of Tuscany Aside from its famous view, Pienza is home to the delicious Tuscan pecorino cheese Soaking up the "Under the Tuscan Sun" lifestyle at local winery in the Chianti region of Tuscany Florentine steak is a must-have culinary experience in the Tuscan region. We enjoy ours deep in the hills of Chianti The Duomo in Florence is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. We visit Florence during our Chianti Vacations Truly living under the Tuscan sun, enjoying a glass of famous Chianti classico red wine in a Tuscan vineyard Enjoying the intimacy and romance of a delicious tasting of famous Chianti classico wines We make the trip to Cortona, the setting of Under the Tuscan Sun for a private, hands-on cooking class Our immersive Chianti vacation offers many chances to interact and learn from locals of the area Farm to table ingredients in our hand-on Chianti cooking classes build anticipation for a delicious Tuscan dinner One our visits to a local farm includes learning how to make the Tuscan special pizza called schiacciata Private lunch at a family owned winery overlooking the beautiful Tuscan landscape. The Palio horse-race in Siena is more than just a race. It is the life-blood of every citizen and a wonder to behold. Italian piazzas are a great place to sit back with a glass of wine and observe Italian culture and lifestyle Admiring the offerings at the market of San Lorenzo during our food tour in Florence Going off the beaten path in the Tuscan hills to learn about the goats that help make beautiful cashmere products We only choose restaurants popular among the locals for our vacations, and Chianti is no exception. Our Chianti cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn, experience and appreciate Italian food culture During our Tuscany vacation, we tour what is considered by many, the most beautiful wine cellars in Europe A shot of our locally produced ingredients we use for our hands-on cooking class experiences in Chianti Our barbeque party in Chianti is a great time to relax by the pool an soak up some sun before a night of dancing and fun Guest giving love to Chianti cashmere goat deep in the hills of Tuscany at a local artisan's goat farm Our hands-on cooking classes always get everyone involved and having fun in some capacity Our final day in Chianti is spent with local Chianina cow farmers and Chianti wine makers in the Tuscan hills Tuscany offers up some of the best views and vistas in all of Italy and Florence is no exception