Photos - Wine & Cooking in the Heart of Chianti and Florence, Tuscany

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Enjoying a wonderful evening of singing and dancing at a Tuscan-style barbeque Our small group class is getting ready to make a myriad of delicious local Tuscan dishes Our immersive Chianti vacation offers many chances to interact and learn from locals of the area Italian piazzas are a great place to sit back with a glass of wine and observe Italian culture and lifestyle Going off the beaten path in the Tuscan hills to learn about the goats that help make beautiful cashmere products Our Chianti vacation stops at the DeRicci family winery, widely regarded as the most beautiful cellar in the world Sharing a toast with our friends in the hills of Chianti who were kind enough to host us for a Florentine steak lunch Farm to table ingredients in our hand-on Chianti cooking classes build anticipation for a delicious Tuscan dinner Our cooking class in Cortona, the setting for Under the Tuscan Sun is hosted by a local family in a private villa Going to small family farms and places only locals know about are what make our trips truly immersive experiences Our guests truly become our family after spending a week with us in Tuscany A photo opportunity among sunflowers under the Tuscan sun can never be passed up Our Chianti vacation features some of the best views Tuscany and Italy in general have to offer Admiring the offerings at the market of San Lorenzo during our food tour in Florence Our cooking classes do an excellent job showcasing local specialties and these biscotti are no exception One our visits to a local farm includes learning how to make the Tuscan special pizza called schiacciata Our Chianti vacation features a wine tasting in a small family run winery to create a more intimate experience Our Chianti vacation features a full day in Florence with a walking food tour, tasting the best food Florence offers Up in the Tuscan mountains we tour a family farm. This is a great immersive experience and wonderful family atmosphere. We take every opportunity we can to have fun as we galavant through the Tuscan hills We always select traditional Tuscan dishes to prepare during our cooking classes in Chianti. This is an up-close and personal experience on a Tuscan cashmere goat farm, overlooking vista from the hills of Chianti Florentine steak is a must-have culinary experience in the Tuscan region. We enjoy ours deep in the hills of Chianti Piazza del Campo in Siena comes to life under the night sky This is a behind the scenes look into the Tuscan lifestyle. It's an excellent cultural experience. This is a peek of dish that can only be found in the Chianti region Tuscany, a truly local specialty Good food, good wine and good friends are always cause for celebration! A great opportunity to take in and appreciate the beautiful city of Florence, the capital of the Tuscan region of Italy Our hands-on cooking classes in Chianti are all about highlighting dishes unique to Tuscany Romance is truly in the air throughout our adventures and experiences across the Chianti region of Tuscany Sunflower blooms in the middle of summer are a wonderful opportunity to soak up the romance and beauty of Tuscany Our hands-on cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn how to make the famous Italian liquor, Limoncello Learning how to make pasta from scratch is one of the best ways to soak of the beautiful and rich Italian culture Enjoying the intimacy and romance of a delicious tasting of famous Chianti classico wines Our guests eager to dive into another half day of cooking fun and learning how to make more Tuscan dishes Guest giving love to Chianti cashmere goat deep in the hills of Tuscany at a local artisan's goat farm We make the trip to Cortona, the setting of Under the Tuscan Sun for a private, hands-on cooking class The Duomo in Florence is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. We visit Florence during our Chianti Vacations Tours and tastings at various winers in Chianti create a true appreciation for these wonderful Tuscan wines The wine will be so good during the Chianti vacation that you'll want it straight from the barrel! A small sample dish highlighting the wonderful cured meats we sample throughout our Tuscan adventures in Chianti We love making tasty food during our cooking classes, but we love having fun even more