Guest Reviews - Wine & Cooking Under the Tuscan & Umbrian Sun


Look no further! These guys are amazing!


It's a fabulous cultural experience!!

"Three Texas Ladies"

1. Very friendly company, answered all our questions 2. Rocky, Robyn, Carla and the rest of the CDV family outstanding

"I Love CDV "

cannot put in a few words so you need to read my full review!!

"Couldn't have been better !"

Incredible hospitality Meeting the locals, cooking and eating family style with them Delicious recipes for any skill level Sightseeing in area - cheese, olive oil, wine, and more wine !

"The most amazing trip ever!!"

The food, the wine, the excursions, the people and especially the CDV staff....all amazing. We felt like friends and family everywhere we went.

"Afraid to write a review...."

Because if I say how wonderful and perfect this trip was, I may not be able to reserve my place for my next vacation. This trip with CDV was my dream come true. Loved every minute of it.

"Best Trip Ever!"

Making friends and food in Italy! Truly the best trip ever.

"Best travel experience "

excellent staff, new family, Well taken care of, Clean and great accommodations , Tours met all expectations

"Wonderful, trip of a Lifetime!"

We had wonderful accommodations in the village, local culture surrounded us. A great experience living no in a fancy hotel but among the locals.

"So much fun!"

Michael and Paola were such welcoming hosts. Our tour guide was fun, places we visited were wonderful, accommodations were fabulous, and meals we cooked were delicious.

"Felt like family "

Sofia was such a welcoming host And learning to cook with Carla was sooo much fun

"Best Days Ever!"

We felt as though we were the much-awaited addition to their family!

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