Title: Do people outside of our group join the classes?
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Do people outside of our group join the classes?

Who you can expect to see in the cooking classes

Very, very rarely. We don't like to have different people that are not part of the core group since we are like a family. However, there are some cases in which we sometimes allow an extra person. They are:

  • If we have a request from someone staying in our area that would like to join in on a class, and we feel there is ample space, we sometimes allow it.
  • If one of our guests has a friend or family passing through that would like to join them for the day, we will allow it if we have time (there is a charge, in this case, to be fair to the other guests)
  • Occasionally we have visits from people that are in our business or are working with us in other areas that come for a day or two to learn how we conduct our classes.
  • We sometimes have journalists visit us that are writing a story about us, and only have a day or two.

All of this is so rare, that it generally happens two or three times per year.

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