Travel Advice

Travel advice compiled from our years of experience and knowledge of the areas we visit.


Trip Planning

General information to help you plan for your trip.

Travel Tips

Packing Right

EVERYONE OVERPACKS!. Yes, everyone. We see it over and over, and people are almost always they packed as much as they did. We will offer some tips in this section to help you get the most (with the least). You will thank us!

Hotel on our cooking vacations in Italy

Hotels and Lodging in Italy

Extending your trip, here is some help with hotels and other accomodations.

Museum attractions

Museum and Attraction Tours

Some info about museums and attractions that may interest you when you are not with us.

Travel Supplies

Travel Supplies

What kind of travel supplies you may (and likely will not) need.

We love relaxing at the beach! Favignana-style on our cooking and adventure on the islands of Sicily vacation

Weather and Holidays

What is the weather going to be like?. We honestly have no idea, since it can change in a heartbeat. But this section can give you some idea based on the past :-)

Truly living under the Tuscan sun, enjoying a glass of famous Chianti classico red wine in a Tuscan vineyard

Food and Wine in Italy

Some information about the food and wine you will (and will not find) in Italy

Relax at the spa, visit the gym, go for a walk, your time is yours on our cooking vacations in Italy

Health and Fitness in Italy

A little help and prep on health and fitnesss matters in Italy

Map of Europe

Maps and Guides of Italy

Hmmmm... we hope you have a smartphone with internet and maps, but just in case....

Transportation in Italy.

Transportation in Italy

All you every wanted to know about getting from point A to point B in Italy.

Paola and Clemente on our cooking and wine vacation in Italy.

Italian Language

Learn some Italian before you com on your tour with us.

Weekly Market is a very common tradition in just about every town in Italy. Shopping for clothes, bags, food, and goods

Shopping in Italy

Want some shopping tips in Italy. Wanna find the best for the leadt and keep from getting ripped off? This section is for you.

Euros are the currency in Italy

Banking and Money in Italy

Wht you can expect when you are in Italy with regards to banking and money. Some believe that they need to get Eurs in advance, some believe they need Trvelers Checks, others believe they can just use dollars, and yet others think they will find a place to exchange money everywhere they go. Most of these assumptions can be right or wrong, depending on where you go in Italy.