Cultural Experiences on Our Tours

A list of some of the unique cultural experiences guests often encounter on our vacations. Many of these are what we call CDV Bellissima™ exclusive experiences, meaning these are very unique experiences that are absolutely exclusive and usually only possible to do with a Culture Discovery vacation. Often these are the result of the strong personal bond we have established with the locals, allowing us to experience things with them that they never do with anyone else.

Our guests make authentic Napoletana Pizza on our Amalfi Coast Vacation Weeks!

Cultural Experiences on Our Amalfi Coast Vacations

Ever make your own mozzarella, or make pizza on the cliffs of Amalfi?

Claudio, a local Parma Producer, will bring us to his private Prosciutto Cellar where he use to age selected Prosciutto

Cultural Experiences on Our Bologna vacations

Have you ever milked a cow and gone through the process of making Parmigiano-Reggiano?

Our final day in Chianti is spent with local Chianina cow farmers and Chianti wine makers in the Tuscan hills

Cultural Experiences on Our Chianti Vacations

Ever harvested grapes and made Tuscan wine?

We spend the day with local truffle hunters and their award winning dogs during our Norcia vacation in Umbria

Cultural Experiences on Our Norcia Vacations

Have you ever been on a truffle hunt?

Fisherman will be fisherman and they respect their catch. So much so that they are careful in handling them.

Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Island Vacations

Have you ever been night fishing with local Sicilian fishermen and sold the catch at the local market?


Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Mainland Vacations

Have you lived on a local Sicilian farm miles away from civilization?


Cultural Experiences on Our Soriano Vacations

Have you ever distilled grappa or made fresh ricotta cheese with a local shepherd?