Title: How many people will be in our group?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,219
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How many people will be in our group?

14 to 18 on average. Read on for more about our group size limits.

Most of our cooking vacations have a soft maximum of 14 people total for the week. This is called a "Soft Maximum" because our limitations are not so much based on the number of people, but the availability of accommodations.

Because of this, if we have more solo travelers in one week than normal, we may close the week to new reservations with fewer than 14 people.

Similarly, on occasions, we may have slightly more than 14 people. Our hard "Never Exceed" maximum is 18 people on most vacations. For example, if you are booked on a week that has reached its maximum of 14, and you call us asking if your friend can join; As long as we have accommodations available, we won't deny your friend. However, a new reservation unrelated to anyone in the group may not be allowed to join.

Another time we will sometimes raise the maximum is with non-cooking participants. If a person is coming but absolutely will not be in the kitchen for the cooking classes, we will sometimes raise the maximum to accommodate.

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