Title: Pienza Tuscany
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Pienza Tuscany

Considered by many to be the most beautiful hill town in all of Tuscany - Famous for its Pecorino Cheese and stunning views.

Say Cheese. Yes, while you may associate Tuscany with wine, Pienza is all about its amazing Pecorino cheese, and as such, it is lined with cheese shops tastings. But that is by no means where it ends, because Pienza is widely considered to be the most beautiful town in Tuscany, yet it is not ravaged by mass tourism!

Pienza is so beautiful that in 1996, the United Nations declared it a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The views are simply to die for, the flowers everywhere are breathtaking, and what couple can ever resist taking their picture here under the sign for "Via Dell Amore"?

Pienza History

In 1459, Pope Pius II, who was born here decided to rebuild this entire town as "the ideal Renaissance town". This was the world's first application of humanist urban planning. As such, the goal was to create a functional and beautiful town, which has truly withstood the test of time.

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