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What to Wear

People often ask us what they should be prepared to wear. Here is a guide.

Before you read this, be sure to also read the article about PACKING LIGHT.

OK, have you read that one? Let's talk about WHAT to pack, and how you should dress.


Stay Casual and Comfortable

Unless you plan on visiting the Opera in Italy, you just won't need to dress up anywhere you go. If you would like to try to blend in with the locals as much as possible, think "smart casual" or "preppy" for men, and "light and stylish" for women. Italians are very fashion conscious, but not formal. For a man, a polo and nice pair of slacks will blend you right in. For a woman, nice light dresses without complicated patterns are the way to go.


Shorts and Slacks

In the summer months, you will most likely want shorts. Make sure they have good pockets. However, always make sure you also have some long pants. Some churches will require them for entry, and it can get chilly at night.



All you need is one pair of your most comfortable walking shoes. Women: Heels will be one of your biggest regrets. Think uphill, uneven cobblestone streets... all over the place. Additionally, open-toe shoes are a very bad idea. Bring comfortable walking shoes... Nike, Addidas, etc. You will thank us later :-)



Even in full summer, hot days can quickly turn into cool evenings. Be prepared with a light sweater during the summer months, and something a little heavier in Spring and Fall.



If you are coming to Italy between October and May, a small umbrella may be a good idea.

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