Above & Beyond...Cooking In Paradise

A truly wonderful experience for my sister and I. We could not have been more pleased with our trip to the Amalfi Coast. The family, the group, our wonderful guide. A magical week!

Written By: Margaret S.
Location: Merrick - NY - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Other
Itinerary: Amalfi Coast

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There are no adequate words to describe our experience with Cultural Discovery Vacations. 

Our trip had been years in the making and postponed due to covid.  The amazing staff at Cultural Discovery were incredible.  Their kindness,  and availability, at any time, day or night,  to answer questions was truly remarkable and greatly appreciated.  Rocky,  Maggie,  and Daniella are rock stars. They made us feel like family, though we have never met in person. Thank you so very much!

Our host family and staff.  Truly family now.  We really love them and are still staying in touch! Their warmth,  joy, enthusiasm,  and love for life and what they do radiated from every one of them.  Claudia,  Filomena,  Antonio,  Pepe,  Vincenzo...the most amazing people!  The staff...Brigitta,  Sonya,  Andrina,  Tina,  Nicola, Marco...magnifico!  My heart is filled with joy and love for all of them.  The food, the cooking, the laughing, the dancing,  the singing! So much fun! 

Linda our fearless,  fun, and sparkling guide! You made our trip a blast.  I'm still singing our song! Your dynamic energy was contagious in the best possible way ❤️! Grazie Mille Bella Linda!

Our group...best ever! We were really meant to be together and we rocked that beautiful Villa! 

The food, cooking classes, excursions were just the best! I cannot say enough.  

Nothing could have prepared us for the incredible experience that we had on the cooking in paradise tour.  My heart is still there and I cannot wait to go back.  We are already looking at other CDV trips! We will be back! 

Thank you all, from the depths of my heart for this unique, beautiful, and magnificoamazerful experience!  Much love, joy, and laughter to you all! 

Xoxo Margaret Soukeras ❤️

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