Absolutely Awesome!

Took my wife and daughter, joining my sister and a good friend in Soriano. This is our second trip, and it was just as excellent and fun as the first.

Written By: Jon F.
Location: San Jose - CA - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Family
Itinerary: Soriano - Tuscan & Umbrian Sun

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CDV (Culture Discovery Vacations for the uninitiated) is a small but amazing "tour" company.  I put that in quotes because the word doesn't do justice to the experience.  It's much more like visiting your best, most fun family of relatives in an amazing location, staying the entire week, and being take care of 24/7.  We immersed ourselves in local culture, sometimes in surprising and unexpected ways. We discovered how much we like Italian Espresso, and how deep relationships in different cultures matter so much.  We met incredible craftspeople making wine, olive oil, ceramics and (of course) unbelievably good food. We had a private Chauffeur (Sergio!) who drove us everywhere on "Clink", the bus.  We walked Assisi, shopped in Orvieto where we also went down the incredible St. Patrick's Well, shared the table with winemakers and their families, and found the shopping to be a blast.  We made our own pasta, lemoncello, pizzas, tiramisu and tarts, and we ate it all!   DEFINITELY do this over some 'package' tour put on by people who hold up cards and lead tour groups up and down tourist-trap streets.

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