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Written By: Kathy S.
Location: The Villages - FL - USA
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Family
Itinerary: Soriano - Tuscan & Umbrian Sun

Full Review

Title: I've been here twice...2nd time was even more fun than the first!!!! My 1st trip was in July 2008 for “Wine and Cooking Under The Tuscan and Umbrian Sun”. My 2nd trip was in June 2010 for CDV’s 1st ALUMNI trip for “Cities Lost in Time”.

Wear comfortable shoes and pack light....you need room to bring home all the stuff you just can't get in the USA. I lived in Naples, IT for 5 years (2004-2009) and CDV’s were the BEST vacations I've ever had. My cousin, Ann, came over to Naples to visit me for a month and she found CDV via the internet while looking for cooking vacations....what a gift it was!!!  It doesn't get any better than this...all inclusive...all the food you can cook and best restaurants for all you can stuff in your tummy and best wine you can drink to your heart's content. Our experience was sooo great (especially the Monster Park, the Waterfalls, and St. Antimo Abbey). We were the 1st group to actually meet the PRINCE and were honored by his private tour!! We were the 1st group to ride in the first CDV van (before they got the big tour bus) and even got to name it!!!  My cousin and I both came back 2 years later and did it all over again for the 1st visit to the Etruscan treasures and lots of other new places. I have so many memories of our little pink piggies traveling around with us!!! Nothing is ever taken for granted...Michael, Paola, Carla and all their staff are my "family" in Soriano....friends for life. I can't say enough about their warmth, hospitality, kindness...I could go on and on. You have to experience it to believe this really DOES exist...a company that TRULY cares about their "guests"!!!!!!!! When you leave them on the last day, you have to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn't just a dream. You will share so many stories with all the new friends you make in your group...just a WONDERFUL, MEMORABLE, time!!!!!


Love, Kathy

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