Love That Olive Oil

I am hard-pressed to relate what I found the most fun and rewarding part of the week.

Written By: Joan Sietz
Location: McKinney - Texas - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Soriano - Tuscan & Umbrian Sun

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My friend and I just returned from a week at the Cultural Discovery experience. I am hard-pressed to relate what I found the most fun and rewarding part of the week. It could be the making of pasta in an Italian setting...a nice blend of ambiance and skill. It could be the family style of teaching...a warm feel of acceptance in the kitchen like Mom used to provide. It could be the visits to all the sites...what we usually come to Italy to do. I think I vote for the church at Orvieto. I am a retired math teacher and was gobsmacked, as they say, by the display of geometry and symmetry in the church structure. Even when I review the pictures since I've gotten home, its beauty overwhelms me. Loved the accommodations provided in the town of Soriano nel Cimino. We stayed in Brianna, exited our front door, and instantly walked into the piazza which always held some kind of surprise. One morning it was the concourse display of Fiat 500's. One morning it was a type of flea market with great shopping opportunities. One night we came home to a piazza full of people enjoying singing entertainment on stage. One morning the piazza was full of swallows darting every which way. You just never knew. One word of warning for those of you interested in joining a week's family at Cultural Discovery...bring VERY comfortable shoes as the walking to and from medieval sites is usually uphill or downhill. Brianna, by the way, has a very convenient clothes washer which sure came in handy considering the unusually high temperatures during our visit which I understand is not the norm in temps. I am 65 years old. I heard it said a few months ago that "you are never too old to enjoy the best day of your life." That has to be in Orvieto for me! Thanks to all the Cultural Discovery crew for a most memorable time. It must be rewarding for them to continue to make people happy week after week after week. ~Joan Seitz, McKinney, TX

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