Great Vacation With wonderful People

Claudia and her family along with the villa made our vacation in the Amalfi Coast magical and fun!

Written By: Paige S.
Location: Cincinnati - OH - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Amalfi Coast

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Book today! Claudia, Pepe, Filomena, Antonio and everyone else at the villa in Amalfi made this vacation so memorable, easy, and filled (physically with food and emotionally with laughter). You are at a beautiful villa with a group of strangers and feel at home immediately. Claudia ensures all aspects of the trip are planned so you don't have to think about anything. If something went wrong, I wasn't aware of it. The food is amazing - I want every recipe, even the ones we didn't make with the tour!!! The company allows you to opt out of the planned activities if you would prefer to do something else. The cooking classes were fun and easy to follow. If you are a chef, it may be a bit slow for you. For me, I learned a lot! Two minor change suggestions: I would change the afternoon at Positano. I loved the boat ride, but an afternoon/evening at a beach club would have been more enjoyable. I would also leave much earlier for Pompeii and go when it first opens and stay a bit longer. It's a long drive for such a short tour of Pompeii. Don't wait, book today!!!!

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