If Laughter has a hometown, it just might be in Soriano

There is a depth of spirit and endurance in the people who seek out CDV. There must be. Their trips aren't for the faint of heart.

Written By: Janet M
Location: Nashville - TN - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Solo Traveler
Itinerary: Soriano - Olive Harvest

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Nestled beneath the mountain the Etruscans said housed a monster meant to hopefully thwart the Romans from destroying their city, this ancient Umbrian town and the CDV team will charm you with beauty, but capture your heart with love. 

CDV does an excellent job of organizing a taste of Italy that includes the expected elements: wine, pasta, history and friendly people. What you might not expect is that the person you are seated next at dinner or on the bus one night might just become a dear friend--and they were complete strangers 24-hours earlier. 

The outstanding driver and guides: Sergio, Rocky, Spartaco, Luigi, and the magnificent chefs, Carla, Katia, Rita and others "behind the scenes" manage to create an experience that includes no schmaltz but manages to genuinely capture what so many of us long for on our vacations: not just "getting away" but embracing something. In Soriano, this included embracing the simple truth that in spite of the ways we are isolated from one another in this world, there's nothing that Italian food, wine and laughter can't heal, at least for a week or two.

There is a depth of spirit and endurance in the people who seek out CDV. There must be. Their trips aren't for the faint of heart: up early for espresso and pastry at local cafe before heading out for a "grueling" day of hands-on instruction on how to make pasta, chicken, potatoes, bruschetta, sauces, tiramasu, panna cotta---and more(!) while sipping local wines, laughing like a high school kid over the silliest jokes---sipping MORE wine (Oh, please, make it stop!). Then, being taken to the top of a 12th century castle where the views are nothing less than spectacular.... having heartfelt conversations with new friends who you would probably never meet or even seek out in any other venue over MORE food and MORE wine ( Oh, the pain of it!) And this is only Day One!

And, I must mention the amazing and very touching hospitality of Katia and Maria, who opened their homes to us...a bunch of rowdy Americans and Canadians who just stopped in for dinner. To them, I say a special "Grazie!"

This business is more than a business. It's truly about the people and truly real. Let your hair down and go to Italy. More importantly, contact Culture Discovery Vacations. Then, unplug your i-pad, pack your walking shoes, an open heart, your baggy gardening jeans you never wear in public and a healthy appetite, and head to Soriano!

You'll be laughing all the way home

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