Photos - Wine, Cooking, Truffles & Chocolate: A Foodie's Paradise in Umbria and Tuscany

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Cooking class of handmade pasta in Umbria, making ravioli with ricotta from scratch Our cooking classes in Umbria always include alternatives for vegetarian and vegan guests Making the own cioccolatino one of the main experience of our foodie vacation in Norcia. We spend the day with local truffle hunters and their award winning dogs during our Norcia vacation in Umbria Making fresh pasta is an awesome hands-on experience that includes everyone in the culinary process Sagrantino grapes it is use to make the Umbrian Sagrantino wine, one of the most famous of the region, rich in Tannin During our Cheese Experience we will make pecorino and ricotta chesse using the traditional recipe We will drive up to Castelluccio in the National Park of Sibillini to enjoy poppies field during the end of June Our cooking and experential vacations in Italy often include a pizza class with a pizza masterchef.. Food is a great way to learn about the rich culture and tradition of Norcia and the Umbrian region of Italy Our Norcia cooking classes feature a diverse menu of both land and sea culinary specialties Harvesting umbrian olives from an orchard with a family run mill During our Norcia vacation. We visit local butcher shops to discover the specialty cured meats of Umbria Our day-trip to Assisi provides beautiful views of the Umbrian landscape and scenery We love giving our guests the chance to learn about and explore the diversity of Italian wine Harvesting olive it is one of the experience we offer in our Umbrian Vacation. Spend a day harvesting and press olives Our Norcia vacation features a trip to beautiful Assisi to explore its well-known basilica One of our night during Norcia cooking week we will enjoy a party night with some local friends During our Norcia vacation, we have the exclusive opportunity to go truffle hunting with champion truffle-hunting dogs Harvesting umbrian olives from an orchard with a family run mill During our week in Norcia we meet a local shepherd and with him we make fresh ricotta and Pecorino cheese Cooking class and Chocolate experience in Umbria One of the best experience we offer in Umbria and Norcia it is make the traditional Umbria Pizza, torta al testo Our Umbria olive harvest vacation features an excellent in-depth look into Italian lifestyle and culture We love the appreciation our guests show us and we love discover the hidden gems of Italy with our groups In June, the lentil fields of Castelluccio bloom with beautiful flowers and create amazing photo opportunities The black truffles of Norcia are known all around Italy as the best in the country Norcia is home to what is known all around Italy as some of the best salami in the world Tagliatelle with balck truffle of Norcia are a must in Umbria cusine...and we will not miss them One of the calss of our Norcia and Umbria Vacation will be at Perugina Factory. A chocolate Master will be our instructo Our vacations are more than just food, wine and culture. They create deep bonds that stretch beyond Italy and Umbria Make new friends during our vacation it is one of the experience we want to guarantee during our week in Norcia Our Norcia vacation features making fresh pecorino and ricotta cheese from scratch, taught by a local shepherd Harvesting umbrian olives from an orchard with a family run mill Our Norcia vacation features a visit to a Sagrantino winery for a tasting and tour of the intimate location Our Norcia vacation is a great opportunity to discover some of the rare untouched beauty of Italy Umbria, like the rest of Italy, has no shortage of breathtaking views and unique beauty The Perugina chocolate is the perfect time for everyone to let loose and be silly Cooking classes with locals in Umbria. Our week includes classes with michelin star chef and local "mamma" or The Michelin star dinner we are treated to in Norcia is a wonderful culinary experience