Guest Reviews - Wine, Cooking, & The Olive Oil Harvest - Soriano

"An absolute joy!"

The trip was packed with excursions, experiences and adventure and it kept us smiling, or out and out laughing, from morning to evening.

"Fabulous Food and Fun"

Olive harvest was an amazing experience. De’ Ricci winery in Montepulciano it’s Enrico and his family Cooking classes with Carla

"Celebrating 10 years with CDV !"

Back in 2009 we wrote in the guest book “We love traveling with this group! We will be coming back again and again!” Little did we know how true that statement would be.

"A Memorable Time!"

Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the wonderful humor and joy that you poured into this week for us!

"Olive Pickers 2015"

The food was fantastic, the wine was divine and the song Volare will always stick in our minds

"Soriano - Food, Fun, and Family."

We will always cherish our time with our new found family and friends, as folks from different walks of life formed a life-time bond in Soriano.


I will return yearly for life is too short and memories never fade. They stay close to your heart and soul.

"The Real Italy"

Some experiences in life you never forget - for once they happen, you are forever changed. Such was our week in Soriano new Cimino.

"Week of olive oil pressing!!"

Made the most amazing meals, met the most fabulous people/friends, and toured the most beautiful country in the world!!

"We made olive oil !!!!!!"

if you go on one of their tours it will probably be the greatest trip of your life, because it was for me.

"As my wife said "Best Trip Ever""

This trip was very relaxing, educational, cultural, and fun. We met great people and really enjoyed cooking, wine drinking, and olive harvesting.

"Our New Friends"

From Day 1 this has been an amazing experience! You have all been gracious, accommodating, fun, welcoming and now our new friends!

"Wonderful food visionary feast amazing people"

The places you took us to and the true Italy I saw I thank you for this, from the wine tasting, the cheese making,truffle oil, intimate dinners at the locals house.

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