Title: Lamborghini Factory
Category: Destinations We Visit on Our Bologna Vacations
Author: Sophie Townsey Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 8,063
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Lamborghini Factory

Another exclusive experience: a full behind the scenes Lamborghini factory tour

After our second cooking class with Pina and Bruna and our relaxing  lunch, we will head to another exclusive: a full behind the scenes Lamborghini factory tour. So exclusive, that we cannot show you photos, and we will be required to leave our cameras and smart phones locked away before we enter. We will walk the assembly line, meet with the automakers, and see up close one of the greatest automobile legends of our time. Even if you are not a Lamborghini fanatic you will be amazed by the quality of engineering and attention to detail that goes into creating the cars.

Unfortunately, the only photos will be those we burn into our minds, but this is an unforgettable experience!

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