Title: Why are the Alumni Weeks so much less expensive?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,733
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Why are the Alumni Weeks so much less expensive?

Once you have been with us, you are very special to us. We reward that. Read for more details.

We have had some guests look at our calendar and notice the lower pricing on our Alumni weeks, questioning the difference.

Our Alumni weeks are usually Test Runs for new itineraries, classes, and experiences for us. These are weeks in which we are trying out new things, and our past guests are invited to discover along with us. During this time, they know that things are more likely to go wrong, and we are looking for serious feedback from them to help design our final itinerary.

In doing this, we are often able to negotiate special one-time-only prices with some of our providers. For example, we may be staying in a hotel we have never used, and the hotel will give us an extremely deep discount for our first trial run to help us launch the itinerary.

We take all of this and add up all the costs to determine the price for the week. The alumni are helping us out, and they are always old friends since they are past guests. as such, we don't mark up our costs at all, so we are able to offer extremely low prices at times.

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