Title: Bringing home alcohol from Italy from Chianti
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,134
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Bringing home alcohol from Italy from Chianti

This article describes restrictions on bringing home alcohol from Italy to most English speaking countries.

This depends on the country you live in, and the type of alcohol. For the United States, Customs doesn't limit the amount you bring back, but they do limit the duty-free amount to 1 liter per person. You can look up the actual US Customs rules by clicking here.

Our experience

As we do tours through the wineries of Tuscany, we have had hundreds of guests report their experiences to us. Some are afraid to buy anything, and some of our guests have literally brought home suitcases filled with wine!

We have yet to hear about a single problem. Our understanding is that you cannot take the wine on the plane with you as carry-on baggage, of course. But you can check as much as you like as baggage. When you get home and go through customs (Speaking of USA), our understanding is that there is no limit on quantity, so long as it is for personal consumption. The only limit is how much you can bring home without paying duty.

With respect to paying duty, many of our guests have told us that they didn't report the wine on their customs forms, and had no problems. Others have told us that they DID report the wine, and even though they should have paid the duty, the customs officers let them through without paying it. On several occasions guests have told us that they were asked to pay a very nominal duty charge, but it was still very much worth it.

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