Title: Can I extend my cooking vacation with Culture Discovery?
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Can I extend my cooking vacation with Culture Discovery?

Can I do different Culture Discovery Vacations back to back?

Once you have done one vacation with us, you are considered Alumni, so each consecutive vacation after your initial one qualifies for our Alumni discount, which includes steep discounts. See the trips you are interested in for the Alumni discounts. We often design our different dates and locations specifically with this in mind. For example, some periods in our calendar have Soriano vacations, Norcia vacations, Amalfi, Chianti and and Sicily vacations running almost consecutively. If you would like to do all of them, we will happily arrange all of the transportation between the places for you so that it is fluid.

There are some issues to keep in mind, however:

1) Transportation between vacation base cities is additional
For example: If you are on a Norcia week, then would like to do a Sicily week, we include the transportation between Norcia and the Rome airport, and we include the transportation between Palermo and our base in Sicily. We will even help you arrange the flight to Palermo, Sicily. However, the cost of the flight is not included in our base pricing.

2) Transportation between Soriano and Norcia IS included, so long as you can work within our schedule.

3)Gap Days are additional

Our vacations in different areas don't always start and end on the same day. You may find that there are two or three days between the end date of one vacation and the start date of another. In these cases, we are happy to help you arrange plans during those gap days, but they are not included in the base pricing.

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