Title: Is July and August a bad time of year for Italy?
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Is July and August a bad time of year for Italy?

Many people have heard that July and August are bad months to visit Italy. Here is some info on that.

Many people are concerned that July and August are a bad time to travel in Italy. Some are concerned about heat, while others are concerned that they have heard that the cities close down in August. Others are concerned that it will be packed with crowds of tourists.

The Heat

With respect to heat, it is a hot time of year. But you are also almost guaranteed beautiful, sunny days. Temperatures can reach the high 90's in places like Rome and Florence, but the humidity is not nearly as bad as what most people in the Eastern US are used to. During these months, we also spend more time in cooler places.

Many people have heard that air conditioning is not good in Italy, so they fear the heat will be a major problem. This is no longer the case. We only stay in air-conditioned accommodations, and nowadays all stores, museums, etc. are completely air-conditioned. Naturally, our transportation is also air-conditioned.


Sure, it is one of the warmer months, but for those hoping to see sunflowers in Tuscany, this is the time :-).

August Closures

This was once a major problem in Italy but is no longer an issue. It is true that many stores close in the large cities, but not the ones that would affect us. Italians are smart enough to know that the places we want to see the need to be open in the summer, so they tend to close at other times of the year. You probably won't even notice the 'August Issue' anymore.

Crowds & Masses of Tourists

The truth is that Italy is ALWAYS busy. If you want to avoid crowds, try November. Interestingly, however, July and August are not as bad as May, June, and September. Many Italians leave the cities to go to beach areas, so the traffic isn't as bad. August is actually a very nice time to visit!

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