Title: Dining in the homes of local families on The Sicily Mainland
Category: Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Mainland Vacations
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Dining in the homes of local families on The Sicily Mainland

Find yourself invited into local homes for family meals

We are all about family and the idea that our guests should integrate as much as possible into local culture, so there is something we do that really hits this home. We don't just dine in restaurants. We actually have some of our meals in private homes of local residents.

We know this may seem quite odd. After all, who would invite 14 to 18 strangers into their home? But Italian culture is like that. It is very warm and welcoming. Plus, we always plan for the meals in private homes to take place once you are not strangers anymore.

For example, on our Soriano vacations, all of the cooking classes are held in the private villa of Michael and Paola, your hosts. You are dining in OUR home. But in addition to that, you will quickly get to know Spartaco, our primary guide on excursions. You will become FRIENDS. On one evening, you will have dinner with Spartaco and her sister in HER home, but by that time, you are by no means strangers.

You will feel an incredible sense of home and family through these experiences. We understand that while looking at a website, it all feels like marketing, but read what our past guests say. When you arrive and actually experience it, this is all something truly magical... and very real.

On our Sicily vacations, the feel is similar. Our hosts in Sicily will have us in their home for dinner, and while we are having dinner, it is usually not just us. You may find that the fisherman we spent a night with pops in, or "Gibarossa", the Shepard stops over. It is a wonderful and festive experience.

On one evening in Sicily, we will even spend some time with an actual Baroness, a friend of our hosts. She, too, will invite us into her home for dinner.

These are not restaurants, nor tourist experiences. These are things these local residents do only with our guests.

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