Title: Is there a discount for people that don't want to participate in cooking classes?
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Is there a discount for people that don't want to participate in cooking classes?

Simply put, no. But there is a solid reason. Read on...

We understand that some who provide cooking vacations offer a reduced "non participating guest" price. In those cases, they have a certain number of spaces for their cooking classes, and if someone with you does not participate, they sell that space to someone else because they also allow walk-ins for single classes or short duration trips.

It doesn't work that way at all with us, and this is part of what makes us so special in our approach. While we do have a focus on the cooking, that is only a small part of what we do. For one thing, our group is a family. We very rarely allow someone not part of our core group in any of our activities. We don't 'fill space' with walk-ins and people that are not part of our group unless there are special circumstances. Because of this, extra space in the kitchen is not 'another space to sell'. It is merely more room for the rest of us if someone chooses not to cook. In other words, if someone doesn't cook, we neither save money nor have additional opportunity to make money. We just have more room at the counter.

Perhaps more telling is that the companies that offer the "non participating" prices are really all about the cooking, and when you are not cooking, it is usually "on your own" time. So the vast majority of the expenses for the week are, in fact, the cooking classes. In such cases, it would certainly be unfair to charge someone for cooking classes they are not participating in. Our pricing is based on the experience as a whole... to the extent that if we take the actual food cost out of the cooking classes, it is one of our lower expenses.

In our case, our cooking classes are among the many activities, excursions, meals, etc. that are in our pricing. Would the non-participant not have lunch or dinner with us? Would they not go on the daily excursions with us? Would they not drink the wine? Would they not participate in the many unique experiences we introduce you to? If that is the case, and they merely want to be on their own all week, ask us about the costs involved in simply having them sleep in the same accommodations as you. It will be FAR less than a non-participating discount would afford you :-).

For those that choose not to cook, we have all sorts of things to do. They still enjoy the wonderful time we have during the classes, they still drink, they still eat. For those that want to sleep in rather than cook for lunch, we offer transportation and all sorts of help. So much so, that it actually costs us more when someone chooses not to cook.

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