Title: Do I need to speak any Italian?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 6,217
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Do I need to speak any Italian?

Solo se vuoi lavorare con noi (Only if you want to work with us) :-)

No Italian language skills are needed. All of our key staff speak excellent English. When you are on your own, your experience with English speaking will depend on where you are.

When you are in small villages, you will find that very few people speak English, but that is really half the fun. Somehow, people always find a way to communicate, and go home with wonderful stories!

When you are in the larger cities where tourism is heavy, all of the shopkeepers speak English as a necessity.

That said, most Italians understand the simple fact that Italian is not a major language offered in schools internationally. Unlike some other countries, they have no expectations that you will speak their language. So if you learn even some Italian, they will generally be very honored when you try to communicate in Italian. It is seen as a sign of respect, but not at all expected. You will find them extremely gracious when you try to communicate in their language, no matter how much you may actually be butchering it :-)

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