Title: Will there be downtime during our vacation?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 9,870
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Will there be downtime during our vacation?

This article answers questions that relates to how much downtime there will be during time with us

The simple answer is YES... and NO.

We have a belief: Since our vacations are all-inclusive, it is our duty to make sure you always have something to do (within reason, of course). Some people want to GO! GO! GO!, and others want to have lots of time to relax. Since our vacations are all-inclusive, we believe it would be unfair to the GO! GO! GO! people if we built in an afternoon off here and there. However, we also understand that people want to relax. So here is how we solve it:

From breakfast until after dinner, we always have an activity or excursion on our itinerary. So if you don't want downtime, you won't have any.


We design our itineraries so that on most days they are broken down into Morning / Early Afternoon, and Late Afternoon / Evening. In doing this, on these days, we cross back into town in between the two periods. This way, you can simply opt out of the first or second half of the day, and we will be there to pick you up for the other part.

This way we satisfy both the GO! GO! GO! groups, and the relaxation group.

The is one little caveat, however:

We make this clear when we start our vacations and explain how it all works. But some of our guests comment at the end of the week that there was so much going on. We always inform them that we explained the options to opt out so they had more relaxation time, and they often reply saying "But all of the excursions and activities were so nice, that we didn't want to miss out".

We completely understand this, but we don't want to be the ones that decide when you should, and when you should not relax, and if we did, then one of those great things would be missing, anyway. So we will continue to leave it up to you, and you will simply know that you always have the option to make your choice.

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