Title: Drive Some TINY Italian Cars
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Author: Michael Kovnick Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,106
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Drive Some TINY Italian Cars

We have some truly amazing cars that everyone falls in love with at the villa. Come down and take them for a spin!

We have a few vehicles in Soriano that are always superstars with our guests. The first is our original baby blue Fiat 500. It is seen in photographs and videos all over our website, and for good reason. We didn't ever really expect it, but all of our guests want to pose with it. After all, it is possibly the most adorable car you will ever see. Our guests absolutely fall in love with it every week!

This tiny little car is something to behold. If you have never seen one in person, you cannot imagine how incredibly tiny it really is. But beyond that, it only has a 500cc engine! Even the technology is mind-boggling. Inside, you will find three levers (Starter, Choke and Turn Signals) and two switches (Lights and Wipers). That's it. It is so tiny, that an average sized person could even drive it from the back seat if the front seat was removed!

For our guests with a sense of adventure (and those that can drive a stick), we are always happy to let you pop open the top and take it for a spin, experiencing the blazing maximum speeds of up to 90kmh (50mph)! It never ceases to amaze us when our guests tell us that driving the 500 was one of the greatest experiences of their trip.

In 2011 we gave our 500 a baby brother! We bought a forest green Piaggio "Ape". Ape means "Bee" in Italian. For those that have never seen one, these are the little 3-wheel vehicles that are part scooter and part car. Inside, it has handlebars, rather than a steering wheel, and you can barely fit two people. This racing machine putts away at astounding maximum speeds of up to 50kmh (30mph).

Like the 500, our guests are always invited to take it for a spin and truly experience "La Dolce Vita".

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