Title: A Complete Experience of Italian Family on The Sicily Mainland
Category: Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Mainland Vacations
Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,996
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A Complete Experience of Italian Family on The Sicily Mainland

The most important thing we do is fold you into the family feeling of Italian culture. You will come wondering what to expect, but our guests leave feeling a part of something much bigger.

Small town Italy is a place where the family bond is still strong. Families eat together every night and sit at the table to discus the day's events. It is a place where whole families form tight bonds with their neighbors. It is not a consumer focused society, so entertainment isn't about which movie you will see tonight, or what toys you will play with today. Instead, it is all about who you will spend time with and what you will be talking about.

It is all about people interacting with people, sharing meals with them, cooking together,... such that your family is a large circle of intimate relatives, distant relatives, friends, and neighbors.

People congregate in the town squares over a gelato and talk about their day while kids play in the streets. The richest guy in town has a glass of wine with the poorest. Elderly men stand in the sun with groups of friends they have known their entire life while their wives are preparing lunch with friends they have known their entire lives... and everyone is involved in the lives of all that surround them.

It is a simplicity of life that is all but gone in many corners of the world, but the Italians hang on to it dearly.

We believe that this is the essence of Italian culture. It is at the core of the charm so many of us feel when we are exposed to it. So we make that sense of family a core to everything we do. This not a marketing term for us, as it is for some large Italian style products and restaurants. It is who we are. It is the main reason we do what we do.

So we do everything we can to bring that feeling into your life. You get to know these people, you don't just see them through a window. You get to know the butcher, the owner of the little vegetable market, the lady at the farm across the road, the elderly men having their breakfast in the morning. We mix you in with the locals. But it is more than that, because we literally fold you into our own family as we prepare lunches together in our homes, share meals with our local friends, and find ourselves invited into their homes.

As it all unfolds, you will find all of the stress from back home melting away, and all of he people in our group simply become a part of this amazing society. For that brief period you are with us, you will become Italian.

This is the feeling that we just cannot put into words, no matter how hard we try. It is the most common thing people talk about at the end of their time with us... the amazement that such a feeling of belonging can exist for a place they had never been to just a week before. They are always completely amazed as they leave what has instantly become their home away from home. And it is all because of this family approach we take. You are not a customer. You are part of our extended family.

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