Title: Florence Bed and Breakfasts
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Florence Bed and Breakfasts

How to find a good B&B in Florence, Italy

Florence is a fairly large city, but most of it is away from the areas you will likely want to see. When looking for accommodations, you may find a place that looks perfect, but ends up being in a residential neighborhood with little or no easy transportation into downtown. Additionally, finding bed and breakfasts on most travel websites can be quite a challenge. Of all the websites out there to help find accommodations, we have found that Venere.com is far better than the others. This is mostly because they list so many more Italian properties than all of the other websites. 

When Choosing Florence Bed and Breakfasts, ask yourself:

  1. Is it close to good transportation?
  2. Is it in a place where you would want to take an evening stroll?
  3. Is it in close proximity to the places most visitors want to go?

Something to consider when looking at Bed and Breakfasts in Italy

Many people think of a bed and breakfast as something risky and cheap. In Italy, many run what would otherwise be a hotel as a bed and breakfast for certain tax advantages you will get. Often, a bed and breakfast may be far superior to a hotel. Whatever you do, when you are looking at listings, be sure to read guest ratings thoroughly. That will be your best and most trustworthy resource.

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