Title: Is Laundry Service Available?
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Author: Luca Centofanti Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 6,751
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Is Laundry Service Available?

How to have your clothes laundered while on vacation in Bologna

Spilled some red wine on your shirt or blouse?  Or maybe a little Bolognese sauce? 

No worries... 

There is laundry service available through the hotel!  There is a fee for this service and it is much like dry-cleaning.  Cost varies per piece. Prices are available at the hotel front desk.  Typically there is 24 hour turnaround service. Guests pay for any extras at the end of their stay.  

We can personally attest to the high-quality of laundering as when we have had it done through the hotel, the clothes come back impeccably cleaned and pressed.  Now, we can't say for sure with a deep stain, but they'll let you know! 

There are self-service laundromats in Bologna.  Unfortunately, none are very close to the hotel.  

Bibs available on request. 

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