Title: Is Norcia Safe?
Category: Expectations & Planning for Our Norcia Vacations
Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,137
Tags: is norcia safe? is umbria safe? criminality in umbria

Is Norcia Safe?

Answers to safety-related questions on our Norcia vacations

The answer to this is relative. Naturally, anything can happen anywhere. However, Norcia is a small town where people leave their doors unlocked. It is a place where families let their children run free at night, and violent crime is all but unheard of.

In our experience, the crimes that happen are very infrequent, and not targeted at tourists.

There has never been an instance in which a person was randomly attacked, mugged, pick-pocketed, etc. Norcia just isn't that kind of place.

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