Title: Modica
Category: Destinations We Visit on Our Sicily Mainland Vacations
Author: Sophie Townsey Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,499
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Modica and its famous Chocolate

Not far from Ragusa we find Modica, the city famous for its Chocolate. Yep...Chocolate! A grainy Chocolate, with a unique flavor that brings out the charm and beauty of the traditions and civilizations of the past. In fact, Modica celebrates the Aztec tradition of chocolate making inherited from the Spanish who copied their recipe after colonizing Mexico.


We will learn all about this chocolate making process by meet Graziella, our local guide who will introduce us to the the process of making this raw, sweet deliciousness. After our chocolate making class, we will have the pleasure to taste it and of course....pair with fabulous Sicilian wine. What else?! 

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