Title: How will motion sickness affect me?
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How will motion sickness affect me?

Read this if you suffer car or sea sickness.

If you suffer motion sickness, there are a few things to be aware of:

On Land Only Vacations:

Italy is full of narrow and winding roads that simply cannot be avoided. When we are on excursions, the routes we take are always the ones that will get us to our destination as quickly as possible. Since winding roads slow us down, we naturally opt for the straightest roads we can. Still, those straight roads often don't exist.

Be sure to bring something that helps you with motion sickness. If you don't, Dramamine is available at the local pharmacies.

Let Us Know Right Away

If you suffer motion sickness, we will at least make sure that you are always sitting up front where it will bother you less.

On Vacations By The Sea

Our Sicily and Amalfi Coast Vacations will have us on boats quite a bit.  If you get seasick, please consider that you may need to take medications to avoid getting seasick, or opt out of some activities. 

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