Title: Can a non-participating travel partner stay in my accommodations?
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Can a non-participating travel partner stay in my accommodations?

Yes they can. But you should read on for the details...

If you have a travel companion that would like to stay with you, but not participate in any of the activities, we are happy to accommodate them, but there are some things to keep in mind:

They will be 100% on their own

We cannot have them present in any of our excursions, cooking classes, or meals. Since our itineraries all run from breakfast until after dinner, you will not see them all day, unless you choose to opt out of a day, or portions of a day where possible.

They will need their own transportation.

We cannot provide transportation for them. Please understand that the places we base our vacations are off the beaten path, and public transportation is usually not a good idea. As such, they should have a rental car.

We cannot make special timing arrangements

We understand that you may wish to opt out of partial days to meet up with a non-participant. However, we cannot change our schedule to accommodate this. For example, if we are on an excursion that calls for us to have dinner out before returning home, we will not be able to drop you off after the excursion so that you can opt out of dinner unless we are already planning on passing through.

Limited Special Assistance

We allocate our resources based on what our group is doing. So, if our group is doing a cooking class, all of our resources are being used for the cooking class, and staging whatever happens after class. Because of this, while the non-participant may be in town, we will not be available to assist them with anything. Similarly, when we are out on an excursion, all of our resources are dedicated to the excursion, and whatever follows. We won't be there for the person that is not on the excursion who may have questions or need help.


The pricing for a complete non-participant is 15% of the total price of the vacation you will be on.




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