Title: October Weather and Holidays in Italy
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October Weather and Holidays in Italy

info about the October Weather

Two words define October: WINE HARVEST. The weather is cooling considerably and the crowds are thinning rapidly. New grass is sprouting on the sides of the road as the leaves begin to fall. It is a time of year with breathtaking natural beauty in Italy.


Weather in the North (Venice, Milan, Turin, Cinque Terre, etc.)

The temperature range is roughly between the mid 40's to mid 60's (7 to 18 C). Expect some rain while you are there.


Weather in Central (Soriano nel Cimino, Tuscany, Umbria, Florence, Rome, etc.)

The average temperatures range between the mid 50's to low 70's (13 to 22 C). Expect sunshine mixed with some days of possible rain while you are there.

At our home-base of Soriano nel Cimino, expect the temperatures to be about 5 degrees cooler than Rome and Florence.


Weather in the South (Naples, Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast, Sicily, etc.)

You should expect temperatures ranging between the mid 60's to mid 70's (15 to 19 C). Expect sunshine mixed with some days of possible rain while you are there.


How to Dress

October can be quite variable. You may find a day that you will want to wear shorts, followed by a chilly day that calls for a jacket. Evenings will be chilly, and you should bring an umbrella as the chances of rain are increasing.


Best Places to visit

Northern Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria are amazing this time of year as the vineyards are making wine and the hills are full of falling chestnuts!


What's Special About This Time of Year

Nature: It's Harvest Season! The wine harvest generally happens between late September and early October. If you are here early in the month, you will likely find vineyards in mid-harvest, or get a chance to crush grapes and taste the must. In the middle of the month, drives around central Italy's mountains may find you driving over roads of fallen chestnuts with autumn leaves falling on deep-red chestnut covered roads.

Sagra delle Castagne: 
For the first two weekends of the month, our home-base of Soriano nel Cimino holds its annual Chestnut Festival. The mountains above Soriano are covered in chestnuts, and the town puts on a major celebration with incredible medieval dress, a Palio horse race and archery competition, all sorts of events, parades and medieval demonstrations, and all the chestnuts you can eat.

Eurochocolate: The chocolate festival of all chocolate festivals, held in Perugia the middle of the month.

Sagra del Tordo: A medieval reenactment of an archery tournament between the four neighborhoods of the town of Montalcino, Tuscany during the last weekend of October.

Other Festivals: Festivals are everywhere in October, from wine festivals to truffle festivals in Umbria.

Crowds are reducing, but this is still a very popular time of year for visitors.

Food: As we move into autumn, menus begin to move more toward rich recipes once again. In Central Italy, fresh Porcini mushrooms and chestnuts are usually everywhere!

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