Title: Castiglione in Teverina
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Castiglione in Teverina

A beautiful place that produces the best Olive Oil and Wine from Umbria

Visit Castiglione and you will certainly wonder why we would have a page dedicated to it. It is tiny and doesn't seem to offer much of anything if you drive through. However, Castiglione is all about wine and oil, and the reason we love it so much is that outside of Central Italy, it is virtually unknown. The reason is that it is on the wrong side of a political boundary. Drive a few thousand feet past Castiglione, and you are not only in Umbria, but you are in "Orvieto Wine Territory".

But being on the "wrong" side of that border means that not only can they not say their wines are Orvieto wine, but they cannot be designated as "Umbrian" wines. The result is that there is no commercial market for them beyond the locals. The quality is fantastic, but the prices are rock bottom.

In addition to wine, Castiglione produces some of the finest olive oil in Italy. The volcanic rock content in their soil contributes to what is considered to be absolute premium olive oil, much better than most Tuscan oils.

We visit Castiglione in Teverina on almost every one of our cooking & culinary vacations based out of Soriano nel Cimino. When we go to Castiglione, we visit a small family-run winery & olive mill. The wines are out of this world, and the olive oil is made with their own antique traditional cold-press method. While there, we have lunch with the family, visit the cellar, and of course taste all of the wine and oil!

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