Title: How and Why to PACK LIGHT
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How and Why to PACK LIGHT

Those that take this seriously are happy travelers. Those that don't... wish they had.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Furthermore, of all the advice we give people it is the one people most frequently ignore, and most frequently regret not having followed.


Before you go any further, read the line above one more time. Ok, now read it again.

Ready for it? Here goes:



Talk to any frequent traveler, and ask them how they pack, and they will tell you that every trip they pack lighter.

There are four main reasons for this:


1) Italy is not a "park at the front door, and a porter will take your bags" country. It is a country where there are lots and lots of narrow cobblestone streets that don't permit vehicle traffic, many of which are up hills. There is lots of walking, and if you are trying to lug suitcases around, you will be miserable. You will limit yourself to which taxis you can take, because many are small. If you ever get on a train, you will be stressing yourself out trying to get them on and off platforms, and you won't know where to put them on the trains. You will absolutely regret having packed so much. Take this as gospel: You will walk with your luggage much more than you think.


2) You won't wear most of what you pack. We see it all the time: People pack so many "I might need this" items. You won't. And if you do, it won't be a big deal if you don't have it. If you are not certain you will need something, that is your mind's way of saying you won't need it. So imagine packing without thinking of this rule, then take more than half the stuff out of your bags... that is probably still too much.


3) Everything you bring with you takes space away from things you can bring back. You are coming to Italy.. You will find amazing wine, olive oil, ceramics, and so much more. You are going to want to get stuff to bring home, even if you don't think you will now. Every single week, the biggest complaint we hear is from people that packed too much and don't have room to bring back what they want. We often see people throwing away clothing they brought so they can fit their purchases in their luggage. We have had people leave us cases of wine that they couldn't fit, and if we wanted, we could open a very successful luggage store for all the extra bags people need to buy when they leave. People quickly learn that shipping items back home is prohibitively expensive, and extra baggage fees can be a killer. If only they had just brought one small bag, they would have been much happier.


4) Lots of luggage puts a giant target on your head. We have heard stories from our guests that had been robbed when they were in other parts of Italy. Lots of luggage is a common factor they all share. When you are sitting on a train surrounded by luggage, thieves spot you as a mark. While you are fumbling with your luggage, that is their time to go into action. They often work in teams. You are stressing, and one offers kindly to help you with your bags. While they are enforcing the distraction, another is getting your valuables. If you had one small piece of luggage, they would pass you up for the next person they find.

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