Title: Try Your Hand at the Potter's Wheel in Deruta
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,304
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Try Your Hand at the Potter's Wheel in Deruta

When we visit world-famous Deruta, where some of Italy's most prestigious ceramics are made, we don't just see the ceramics, but we get a chance to work the potter's wheel.

On many of our vacations, we visit the town of Deruta. Deruta is famous for its incredibly prestigious and beautiful ceramics that are exported worldwide.

Some tours of Italy, make Deruta a stop along their routes. They come here and visit the factory stores, giving tourists the opportunity to purchase Deruta ceramics on-site.

When we visit Deruta, however, we visit the factory where we purchase for ourselves. The people here have become friends over time, and they give us a much more exclusive experience. They will take us in the back, where they make their ceramics. Each of our guests that would like to will have the opportunity to try their hand at the potter's wheel where these amazing pieces of art are made.

If our timing is right, we will have the chance to meet with the artists as they paint their beautiful "maiolica".

Of course, we will also give our guests time to do a little shopping while they are there. In fact, unlike the other tours that stop at 'tourist factories' that have massive markups, we are at a place that has truly excellent pricing for the local Italians, so the savings for those looking to bring home Deruta ceramics is huge.

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