Title: September Weather and Holidays in Italy
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September Weather and Holidays in Italy

September in Italy...read more..

As we leave summer behind and make our way toward autumn, the heat subsides and the vines ripen. The festivities of summer come to a close as the cities get back to work and the countryside prepares for the harvest season.


Weather in the North (Venice, Milan, Turin, Cinque Terre, etc.)

The temperature range is roughly between the mid 50's to mid 70's (12 to 24 C). You may begin to see a day or two of light rain.


Weather in Central (Soriano nel Cimino, Tuscany, Umbria, Florence, Rome, etc.)

The average temperatures range between the low 60's to high 70's (17 to 26 C). Expect sunshine, but you may get a day or two of some rain.

At our home-bases of Soriano nel Cimino and Norcia, expect the temperatures to be about 5 to 8 degrees cooler than Rome and Florence.


Weather in the South (Naples, Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast, Sicily, etc.)

You should expect temperatures ranging between the low 70's to low 80's (22 to 27 C). It will be quite warm in the south, and air conditioning in the deep south is not as common as in the north. The beaches are beautiful this time of year, and the crowds are thinning.


How to Dress

Make sure you have comfortable attire, comfortable shoes, and expect warm weather, with some cooler days and evenings. An umbrella is generally not needed yet.


Best Places to visit

All of Italy is beautiful this time of year.


What's Special About This Time of Year

Nature: It's Harvest Season! early in the month you will find hazelnuts, followed by the wine late in the month. Dry grounds are beginning to sprout green again.

Regatta Storica: 
On the first Sunday in September, Venice holds its historic boat race.

Macchina di Santa Rosa: A very famous festival held in the provincial capital of Viterbo, just nine miles from our home-base of Soriano nel Cimino. Held on September 3rd, 100 men carry a lighted 5 ton, 90 foot tower the St Rose, the matron saint, on their shoulders through the city.

Notte Bianca: The 'White Night' in Rome. On the second Saturday in September, Rome stays open all night long with open shops and museums, festivities, and music everywhere. It is a giant all-night celebration in the city.

San Gennaro: The festival for the patron saint of Naples. On September 19, the city celebrates the liquefying of San Gennaro's blood in the Cathedral. Eight days of processions and celebrations follow the event.

The summer crowds give way to the autumn crowds. The cities will be busy as many people concerned with summer heat choose to visit in September. Museums will be crowded, but our tours are designed to take this into account.

Food: As we move into autumn, menus begin to move more toward rich recipes once again. In Central Italy, fresh Porcini mushrooms are usually everywhere!

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