Title: Shopping in town markets with the locals in Soriano
Category: Cultural Experiences on Our Soriano Vacations
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Shopping in town markets with the locals in Soriano

Get to know the locals, and a true sense of small town Italian life.

We believe in getting back to basics and supporting local communities. Because of this, despite the fact that we go through large volumes of food for our cooking classes and many meals we produce, we never buy from distributors or large supermarkets. First and foremost, most of the vegetables we use come from our own garden.  Those we don't grow, we purchase from a local vegetable stand that grows what we need.  We buy our meat together directly from the people that raise the livestock, and everything else from local mom and pop shops and stands. It is a true farm-to-table experience, and much of it is done with our guests.

So when we are having cooking classes, we will often spend some time taking our guests shopping with us. But we don't just have them stand and watch. We get them involved in the process so they learn what Italians value about fresh products, and integrate into the local lifestyle along the way.

This means that when we need to buy fresh produce for a class, you will come to the fruit and vegetable stand with us. You will pick the produce, and you will interact with the proprietor. Don't worry, we'll teach you the Italian you need to know, and we will take care of paying for it :-).

When we need to buy sausage, we will head over to the butcher together and pick the meat, and you will order it directly from the butcher. You will get to know him and learn about his life.

When we need to pass by the local grocer, we will go together, and you will have a shopping list... in Italian. You will meet the local grocer, and do the ordering. Again, we'll be there to help, and we take care of paying for it.

The point is that we want to involve you as much as possible, and we want you to get to know the people in town. You should feel that you are a part of the life here.

It is such a wonderful experience, and many of our guests return, finding themselves walking back into these same shops and being recognized on the spot with a warm "Welcome Back". It makes for a wonderful sense of home and belonging.

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