Title: Should I worry about the Mafia in Italy?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,023
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Should I worry about the Mafia in Italy?

No you don't.

When foreigners think of Italy (and especially Sicily), the word "Mafia" often jumps to mind. Some people believe that if they get away from the touristy areas, they will be in grave danger. 

Yes, there is Mafia in Italy. There is also Mafia in New York, in Los Angeles, and some sort of mafia all over the world. But unless you are connected to it, you won't notice it, and it will have no effect on you.

This does not mean you should not be careful. On our most of our trips, we are in places where crime is virtually non-existent.  But you should always be careful in big cities, especially for pick-pockets.

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