Title: Should I worry about the Mafia in Sicily?
Category: Expectations & Planning for Our Sicily Island Vacations
Author: Sophie Townsey Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,828
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Should I worry about the Mafia in Sicily?

No you shouldn't. Read on for more info..

When foreigners think of Sicily, the word "Mafia" often jumps to mind. Some people believe that if they go to Sicily, they will be in grave danger. To answer this, please understand that the Mafia in Sicily is certainly stronger than Northern Italy. But that you would ever notice it at all is highly unlikely, if even possible.

Yes, there is Mafia in Sicily. There is also Mafia in New York... but unless you are connected to it, you won't notice it, and it will have no effect on you.

This does not mean you should not be careful. On our Sicily trips, the island of Favignana is a VERY tranquil fishing village, where crime is virtually non-existent. But our last two days in Palermo are in a crowded, bustling city. You should not worry about "Mafia" so much as possible pickpockets... the same as you should in just about any major city with crowds of people.

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