Title: How will motion sickness and sea sickness affect me?
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How will motion sickness and sea sickness affect me?

Read this if you suffer from sea sickness.

If you suffer motion/sea sickness, there are a few things to be aware of: Our trips to Sicily will include a great deal of time in boats. You will ride Hydrofoils to and from the island of Favignana, and on many of our excursions, we will be in small and medium sized boats. If you suffer from sea sickness, many of the excursions we take during our time in Sicily may be problematic. We cannot control the weather, and there are no alternative forms of transportation. You CAN sit out of excursions that require boat travel, staying back at Nido del Pellegrino, on the beach, etc., but it will cut into your experience with the group. You cannot opt out of the hydrofoil on the start and end dates at Favignana, as this is the only way to reach the island. Be sure to bring something that helps you with motion sickness. If you don't, Dramamine is available at the local pharmacies. Let Us Know Right Away

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