Title: Why is there a single supplement charge for solo travelers?
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Why is there a single supplement charge for solo travelers?

Why we charge an extra fee for people traveling by themselves or staying in accommodations by themselves

Occasionally people ask us why solo travelers are asked to pay a supplement. They sometimes view this as some sort of penalty for being a solo traveler. This is not at all the case.

Our pricing is based on double occupancy, which is the standard method of pricing rooms in the travel industry. When we establish the pricing for our vacations, we factor in all of our costs, such as accommodations, the food, the classes, the excursions, etc. Our accommodations have a fixed cost. So, for example, if a room costs us $800 per week, we factor $400 per person into our pricing, since it is based on double occupancy.

In other words, two people in a room split the cost of that room in our per person pricing. But if you will be alone in the room, there is nobody to split that cost with, so using the above example, we have an extra $400 in expenses for you. This is where the single supplement comes in. We merely pass on this additional expense.

In fact, if you look at our pricing on accommodations that can handle more then two people, there is a discount, because our per person costs are lowered by splitting the accommodations cost 3 or 4 ways.

We structure our pricing so that our profit per person is always the same, regardless of single or double occupancy.

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