Title: How does the Waiting List work for Sold Out Vacations?
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How does the Waiting List work for Sold Out Vacations?

We will never charge you a deposit until we guarantee you a space. Read for complete details...

"Sold Out" may not actually be "Sold Out"

Each of our vacations has a pre-set maximum number of guests, and once we have that number, our system automatically flags it as sold out. However, we may have a few non-participants coming on that vacation, which would cause us to have extra space, and we may have some additional availability in our accommodations. If that is the case, we may be able to have a couple more people. However, these are decisions we make by eye. We look at the accommodations, the people that are not participating that week, as well as the logistics of the itinerary. If we feel that we can add one or two more people without creating a negative impact, we may add you in.

Because of this, we allow people to place a 'waiting list' reservation. It is just like a normal reservation, but it doesn't block space until we decide if we can fit you in.

Some People Cancel

People may need to cancel their vacation for family emergencies, work-related issues, etc. Some people move their reservation from one week to another. We have had sold out weeks suddenly gain availability like this. So if you reserve on the waiting list and this happens, you will automatically have space open up for you, and our reservation system will automatically block that space for you. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean you are confirmed. We will contact you at that point and ask if you still want it.

We Will Not Charge You Until You Are Confirmed

When you place a reservation on a waiting list, we will need payment information. However, we will not charge your credit card. If we are able to fit you in the week you want, we will contact you and let you know. If you confirm that you want it, only then will we charge you.

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