Title: Why would I attend cooking classes if cooking isn't my thing?
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Why would I attend cooking classes if cooking isn't my thing?

Learn how this makes for an AMAZING vacation for non-cooks as well!

There are all kinds of companies in Italy that do cooking vacations, and many of them are really all about the cooking classes and little else. We bring a balance of cooking, food, wine, and sightseeing. We have so much going on that when we have guests that just don't have any interest in cooking, they never feel like there is anything lacking.

On a typical one-week vacation with us, there are four days that we do half-day excursions and two days that we have all day excursions. On the days that we have half-day excursions, the other part of the day is a cooking class. For example, we may start a day at 9 AM, and do some shopping for the class, then head to the villa. The class starts at around 10 AM, and it will go for about three hours. Then we eat lunch, which is the result of our class. Following lunch, we head out on an excursion, then have dinner. So all in all, the day runs about 12 hours, but three hours of it was actually cooking.

But the cooking classes are so much more. Non-cooks always love them, because there is so much going on beyond the cooking. We will take a non-cook and put them in charge of wine, or make them our barista. They are part of a group of friends having a wonderful party together... some cooking, some taking walks, some chatting over a glass of wine, some lying out in the sun... it is all an amazing experience that simply cannot be put properly into words. Know, however, that the people that come kicking and screaming ALWAYS look at us after the fact and say "Oh!!! Now I get it!!!"

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