Title: Why do you limit to small groups?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,067
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Why do you limit to small groups?

We keep it small and unfortunately sell out quickly...

Our Italian Cooking Vacations are generally limited to a hard maximum of 18 people in a group because the feeling of family is very important to us. We have found that 12 to 18 people is really a great number to keep it intimate, but also allow a large enough range of personalities for people to match with.

It is also important to keep it small because we are all about quality of food, so we don't eat in touristy restaurants. We eat in local places that make farm-to-table food fresh and are not set up for huge groups.

Smaller groups are also important because many destinations we visit are off the beaten path, and are not set up for large buses. Because of this, we need to use a minibus, which limits the number of people we can take on our excursions.

Finally, our teaching kitchens are ideal for about 14 people at the counter at any given time. The way our classes work, people are always in different areas of the kitchen, so it all tends to work perfectly with up to 18 people.

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